Göran Andersson (SWE, LOOP), world-famous double hand flycasting expert teaches his famous Underhand Casting Technique, the most progressive all- round 


Bra boktips är Göran Stenbergs bok Döden dikterar : en studie av likpredikningar och Gustaf Alfred (Andersson) Brandin född 1864 20/10 i Glimåkra sn; skrivs ss och avgav i mars följande år under hand en personlig förbindelse om sin 19 Förordnad til hufwudman för Roten No 165, jämte Lars Cast-

By Patricio Mac Allister. Photos by e.lina@tjdata.se. The Underhand Cast In double handed Salmon casting the Underhand cast was designed (by a well known Swedish caster called Goran Andersson) to accommodate a very economical casting technique when using what are in effect shooting heads. What separates underhand casting, Goran Andersson style, from Modern Scandinavian casting, or any other kind of casting, at least at the outset, is the use of very short shooting heads couple with long mono leaders. We are talking 15′ to 24′ feet long monofilament leaders.

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Hur komma Under hand-. framtagen under perioden 2014-2018 av Hans-Ove Görtz med stöd av Göran Kihlström, John. Hübbert, Arne Larsson och Hans Bruno. av M Boman · 2013 · Citerat av 3 — Mats Boman, Mikael Ottosson, Rolf Berger, Yvonne Andersson, Maria In order to cast new light dessutom möjligt att underhand skapa sig en bild av lämpligheten av olika Göran Possnert och Fil Dr Daniel Primetzhofer.

This lends itself well to…Continue reading Underhand Casting Goran 2015-04-20 Göran Andersson has been fishing all his life.

Interview with legend Göran Andersson A great talk with the all-time casting guru. the way he developed the world-famous Underhand technique, big salmon, 

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Göran Andersson Fly Fishing Design / Straight Line Action Fly Rods. November 12, 2018 ·. Atlantic salmon fishing instructions with Göran Anderson. Classes from August 4 to September 15 2019 on Sanddöla River Norway. As the inventor of the modern Scandic underhand technique (also called Andersson technique) and tackle for Atlantic salmon

Goran andersson underhand casting

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Goran andersson underhand casting

1 of 2 Go to page. Go. Next Last. yuhina Tropical member Although many experts believe that they have discovered the Holy Grail of casting and salmon fishing, I believe that only one person truly has and that is Mr Göran Andersson. Göran invented the underhand cast back in the 1950’s and every other instructor has based their underhand casting technique on his original ideas. Henrik worked with Goran Andersson at Loop developing some of the best underhanded casting products on the planet. A few years ago he left Loop and started his own tackle company called SCIERRA where they continue to innovate and create some of the best casting rods and lines in the world.
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Goran andersson underhand casting

These lines work equally well cast over or underhand. 18 Aug 2013 Since I tend to horse my rod a little on the final presentation cast, my mantra from me of a Goran Anderson video describing the underhand technique.

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10 Mar 2011 Göran Andersson (SWE, LOOP), world-famous double hand flycasting expert teaches his famous Underhand Casting Technique, the most 

The Scandinavian style is distinctive in the way the power comes mainly from the bottom hand (underhand) with a very compact power stroke. Robert casting using the traditional underhand style shown to him by Goran Andersson. A left bank, downstream wind snake roll.

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Faulks was no doubt using a line that was 4/5x the rod length where as you were using a line around 3x the rod length,shorter lines require a shorter casting stroke, In the underhand casting style the dominant hand is the bottom hand the top hand only rises and drops during the cast the bottom hand pushes out and rises a little in a half moon shape towards the target to make the back cast and gets pulled back down to where it started(your hip)

I'd say he'd still manage fine too. Whatever year Sportfish first opened in Theale near Reading was the first time I met Goran Andersson, he was very impressive there.